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Etonbury Academy is expanding rapidly to become and extended secondary school covering the 9-16 year old age range.

Etonbury Academy Radio Echo is our student run and operated school news, music and information station that is expanding to broadcast campus-wide through the new digital information screen network being installed in all student areas during our major site expansion programme.

The station is being based in our newly refurbished Creative Faculty, where students will have access to the latest multi-media production technologies and resources, as well and utilising location recording and broadcasting equipment.

Radio Echo is developing to become a key part of Etonbury Echo Communications, our in-house media service incorporating on-line, school and community newsletters, podcasts, Echo TV and more, all run and operated by students and staff.

Echo Radio Show is being broadcast on Schools Radio Network at 6pm Friday the 10th of July and 1pl Saturday the 11th of July.