We are able to offer a variety of activity sessions that can be adapted to suit any cohort, size, needs and budget, these sessions can be delivered as a half day, full day or across multiple days! These sessions all enable the students to explore a topic and get involved in creating their very own content that is relevant to them and your school.

All the sessions are a great way for the students to creatively work together, improving communications skills, team work and confidence.

Below are some ideas for activity sessions or activity days, but we can tailor something to meet your curriculum, students and need.

We are taking bookings now for the summer term for these activities, email or call us now to discuss these opportunities and how we can get your school getting creative!

We tailor every booking to suit your schools needs and budget, we can deliver sessions to just one cohort (around 10 – 15 students), forms, year groups or even an entire school! Our costs are very competitive and we are always prepared to work with you to make sure you get the most out of it for your students.
Just give us a call or email outlining dates, group size and makeup, session length and what you might want to do and we will put something together that works for you. We would be more than happy to meet you at the School to discuss your needs in more detail and work out whats best for you.


Give it a go Radio Show

How does a radio show come together and how does it all work? This is an adapted version of our weekly sessions, we work with the students to plan and create a radio show that is broadcast. Topics can include anything, from a magazine style show to a special project showcase. This is a great workshop for introduction to radio and presenting technique that will support students further for any presentation or media work.

We work with groups / cohorts of around 8 – 16 students (depending on age & ability), we can work with multiple cohorts at the same time, we just need to factor in space and resources / support.


Play in a Day

This doesn’t have to be a day! could be a half day or even across multiple days. We can work with the drama teacher and a cohort of students to get them to produce a radio drama, even with sound effects! Either devised, a provided script or something that the school might have in mind, once completed it is broadcast and could even be preformed in front of an audience!


Advert Challenge 

One of the most creative and challenging tasks there is in radio – creating a radio advert that works!
The students learn about radio advertising, audiences, scripting and production in an engaging and fun way and then put that knowledge to the test by creating their own radio advert. The brief could be for a local business, charity or even for the school itself.
The students have to plan for their audience, write a script and then actually create that advert. For an added twist we can add in our very own Dragons Den style pitch where the students have to present their adverts to the “client” explaining what they did and why. We can also stretch it even further by giving them a budget and a breakdown on costs so they have to put the right campaign together as well.
We would recommend listening to the FUN adverts created from a full day working with 40 Yr10s as part of a work development week. They worked together to create fantastic adverts for a local charity in Bedfordshire. Activities included interviewing a representative of the charity to research the client needs, then pitching all their adverts to a panel including the charity representative. The “winning” advert was submitted to Diverse FM in Luton and broadcast for a month to help promote the charity.
The Newsroom
For budding journalists and reporters, the students discover how the news is pieced together and learn about differences in the news they hear across the radio. They then create their very own news bulletin or programme for the school, with interviews, discussions and vox pops!