Educating children is both a responsibility and a privilege. At Chancellor’s School, they take that responsibility very seriously. They want their students to love school, yet be ready to leave; prepared and ready for the future. They want them to have achieved excellent examination results, been involved in a wide range of activities, forged lifelong friendships and, above all, have happy memories of their school days.

Chancellor’s has a strong tradition and an excellent reputation for providing the very best education for its students. They aim to equip their students for the twenty-first century with a breadth of skills and qualifications, as well as confidence and a natural curiosity that promotes happiness and success, both here at school and beyond. They want students to develop an enjoyment of learning and a desire to learn that will stay with them for life. They are unashamed in the importance we place on our academic results and this is matched by a rich extra-curricular provision. Their sport, music, drama and other activities are of the highest quality.

Their teaching and learning is challenging and engaging for each and every child’s unique needs and talents. They firmly believe in the highest standards of behaviour and nurture positive and purposeful relationships, founded on respect and self-responsibility. They want their students to acquire strong beliefs and values, so that when he or she leaves the school, parents can be justifiably proud of not only what their child has achieved, but also by the sort of person that he or she has become.